• Passport & Visa
  • Torch - many parts of India prone to power cuts
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Mosquito repellant & anti-malaria tablets
  • Sandals - can buy flip-flops cheaply in India
  • Phone & charger
  • Camera & memory cards
  • Imodium & Electrolyte sachets
  • Indian plug adaptor
  • Any essential medication & favourite toileteries
  • Travel size packets of tissues and baby wipes
  • Core collection of clothes - remember it's very cheap to buy there
  • Backpack or suitcase, day bag ( doubling up as flight bag)
  • Document holder & Passport pouch
  • Warm layers for return journey if winter at home
  • Money
  • Documents - copies of passport, visa, insurance, flights & boarding passes
  • Travel towel if not provided at accommodation

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Indian Rupees

Indian Rupees  ₹ , Rs or INR are the currency in India. Unfortunately actual Indian Rupees cannot be taken out of India so you are unable to convert pounds to Indian rupee notes prior to travelling.  On arrival at the airport purchase approx £50 of rupees and exchange more later when you find a better rate . Larger hotels will exchange for you.  Visit a bank or currency changer for the best rates. Larger outlets accept debit and credit cards. However it is likely you will need a fair amount of cash for stalls, smaller shops, food, cabs, buses, markets […]

Top tips for saving to travel

So you’ve decided your going to travel somewhere. Maybe it’s India.  Maybe you’ve booked it.  Maybe it’s still a dream. Let’s face it the more money you have available the easier your trip will be and the more fun you’ll have.  So why not start saving now. Buy a hot drink flask.  Make fresh coffee at home and stop buying on the way to work. This will not only benefit your pocket but the environment also. Plastic coated paper coffee cups are not good for the environment – they do not recycle – and millions are used and disposed of […]

Don’t forget to pack these top ten items for India

If it’s your first visit you might be wondering what to pack for India – it isn’t quite as straightforward as other destinations. These are the top ten items for india always in my case / backpack. 1 Malaria prevention One of the most important of the top ten items for india is Malaria prevention. Malaria tablets and Mosquito spray. Check before you go whether you are in a Malaria zone. There are other mosquito transmitted diseases – Dengue fever, Chikungunya and Japenese encephalitis. 2. Mobile phone And don’t forget the charger. I would advise a spare also.  Sunglo chargers […]

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