Indian e-tourist visa uploading PDF copy of passport

Indian e-tourist visa uploading PDF copy of passport – prepare before applying

It took over 3 & 1/2 hours to complete the appliction.  Uploading photo and copy of passport in pdf format – which had to be under 300kb – was time consuming. I’m in my 50’s so thought perhaps it was just me not being very tech savvy but have asked around and it’s not just me. In hindsight I could have completed in stages – and had the photo and passport pdf ready before i started filling in the form.  Hopefully the info below in this blog will help you.


Laptop or phone best ?

I filled in the form using my laptop – on my phone the text is tiny and large form which needed to be  moved around the screen to view) and used apps on my iphone to take passport photo in required square format and also take photo of passport and convert to required pdf size. See snapshots of the apps below.  I then sent both to myself via facebook messenger from my phone and opened messenger on laptop and downloaded the photos. There is very probably an easier way but i was mid form and had to work this out as i went along.


PDF photo

Obtaining a PDF copy of the my passport was not easy. Eventually I used the Free APP in the photo below.

It took several attempts – each time sending the photo to myself from my phone to my laptop  via facebook messenger and then saving in documents where i could then see how big the document was – the first was 876 kb , far too big and was rejected by the e-visa website . Several attempts later I managed to get it to the correct size by moving the camera further and further away from the passport ( the app will flash up a message to move the camera closer – ignore it , you will need to move it further away) and then crop the photo of any background stuff. Eventually you will get a pdf copy of the photo under 300kb which will be accepted by the e-visa website.

Snapshot of Adobe PDF converter APP

Passport storage advice



I was constantly showing my passport at the airports and it’s a lot easier to have it easily to hand rather than in a bag. I chose a RFID blocking passport holder for extra security and I strongly advise you do too.  The Radio Frequency Shielding Material  will block any attempts to steal passport data stored in the microchip in your passport and for extra security you can also store debit/credit cards in there for the same reason. Contactless credit and debit cards have RFID chips embedded in the card which can be read by fraudsters standing next to you with RFID readers. The last thing you want to have happen to you at any time but particularly when you are off on your travels.


For more visa application advise read my other blog   Filling in the Indian e-tourist visa







14 thoughts on “Indian e-tourist visa uploading PDF copy of passport

  1. Hi,

    I’m married and haven’t changed my name of my passport. I’m not sure how to answer the question in the evisa around if I’ve ever changed my name.
    I have in the uk for work, bank account etc but not my passport as it has so long left!
    Has anyone had this situation?

    1. Not 100% sure of that sorry.

      Took a bit of research but assuming the passport is in your maiden name ( and not a name from a previous marriage ) then it is legal to use until it expires – but make sure the tickets are booked using the same name as in passport or you’ll be prohibited from flying. The Indian e-visa has to be in the same name as the passport.

      So technically it should be ok to just mention on the evisa form that yes you have changed your name and explain why. Perhaps travel with a copy of your marriage certificate.

      Probably best to double check by phoning 0203 793 8629 or 0203 788 4666 … 8.30-3.30 or emailing

      I will email also

      If I find out anymore I will update with another reply.

      Apologies if you were already aware of above info – I included it in case anyone else was reading and wasn’t aware of it.

      1. Hi, I was so glad when I knew India had like some other countries started having e-visas.
        I have used days now trying to finish this e-visa applications for me , my husband and our son. I would never have even started if I had known it would be such a headache. I have not been able to have the correct sizes. Can you please tell me how I an shrink the documents to the required sizes. I have looked at different internet pages in vane. We are leaving on the 12th of January, so I am getting really stressed about this.
        Regards, Harpa,

        1. I can only tell you how I did it which is explained in this blog post and also in another of my blog posts – take a look there’s one re uploading photo and pdf. The good news is that it comes through really quickly once it’s approved.

  2. I am having trouble trying to do the e-visa for India. Although I am in my seventies I have used computers for over 20 years. I tried about 7 times to get through to the help line in India on the main Indian web site – got through to a voice but when I was supposed to be put through it never happened. My e mails to my Indian web site were never replied to. I am having problems uploading in the correct size. Maybe I should have used an agent. Thank you for the telephone number above I will try that next time.

    1. Good luck with the phone number. I have emailed them twice before – you normally get an automated response letting you know they will reply within 48 hours. They did reply in the said time. Enjoy India.

  3. i have had my e visa rejected on the grounds of the photo upload , how do i get this sorted i have phoned emailed and can not get no answers , anyone with advise

    1. As far as I can tell you have to apply again and unfortunately pay again.

      Do you know where you went wrong with the photo ?

      They are very strict but check out my blogs for info on uploading photos. There’s an app which will take a photo to the specific size for the Indian visa

      Phone 0203 793 8629 or 0203 788 4666 … 8.30-3.30 for help or email

  4. I uploaded pdf of passport and it showed Status Uploaded. However pressing the View button it showed a blank page.
    I have tried various files but they all come up blank.
    I would expect it to show a copy of the passport. Any suggestions how to get this right?

    1. From reports of other users I have heard this is a problem. It is apparently there but doesn’t show. Try using a different browser or look via your phone if on a laptop. Or vice versa. Hope that helps.

  5. I’ve spent several hours trying to upload my passport page on the India eVisa site. My upload is in PDF and is in the required range at 101kb. The STATUS shows UPLOADED in green type but when I click on VIEW there is nothing there. HELP!

    1. Try using a different browser. It seems it it there but with some browsers you can’t see it. Hope that helps.

  6. Having read the various blogs ,I can relate to problems down loading photo and passport page ,in the various formats,took alot of time and head scratching, eventually managed to down load application and was approved and visa issued within 24 hours. When I came to do my wife’s we decided to use a third party visa web site ( I visa .com) after my son had used for his business visa, best thing I could have done,only two pages of basic information, upload the two requirements in any format and size and they do the rest, visa was approved with in 24hours, wish I had done this for mine, it was definitely worth paying the small extra charge .

    1. Yes paying extra for someone to do it for you is always an option if you can afford it – it’s a very frustrating process. Enjoy India

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