Techie gifts for travellers for 2018

Techie gifts for travellers for 2018

Thinking of a good Techie gifts for travellers for 2018 ? If a loved one is going away these gifts will make their travels easier, safer and more enjoyable. Just click on the photos to be redirected to Amazon where you can order exactly as you normally do – you should even be logged in as normal – and you can buy should you wish to. We earn a tiny commission if you do which helps to pay for the hosting of this website. Thanks in advance.

1) Travel scales

For before they go and as importantly for the return journey. Reasonably priced and light to carry. It’s always important not to go over the allotted luggage weight. Help them avoid offloading luggage or paying for excess weight. Instead they will get it spot on with these easy to use digital scales that weigh up to 50kg. No more guessing! And you know that they will want to bring home lots of lovely gifts for themselves and for you.

2) SanDisk iXpand Flash drive for iPhone or iPad

I really don’t know how i managed to live without this little device – it was truly a life saver. I take literally thousands of photos and videos and am always running out of room on my iPhone. I’m old school and don’t like my photos in the cloud!  This little flash drive plugs into an iPhone or iPad and photos can then be transferred onto it freeing up room for more to be taken. Much more than cloud allows anyway without paying for it. Remember the APP needs to be downloaded onto the phone before travels  commence to avoid roaming charges. Photos can be then easily be transfered to a laptop and/or phone on a later date. Also acts as a memory card should photos be liked to be kept in two places as a back up. There are different sizes – i have the 64 GB as I have a 64 GB phone.


3) Lightweight solar power charger for phones and tablets

Number 3 on my list of Techie gifts for travellers for 2018 is this solar charger –  particularly useful for backpackers or anyone going off the beaten track. It’s very light fold up design is a dream in India with all that sun ! Can charge 3 devices at  time. Electricity supply cannot always be guaranteed in India – I encountered many power cuts. Make sure they are never without power for their phones. Also great for home on camping trips.

4) Power bank

For those who may not want to rely on solar power – a portable rechareable power bank is essential. I took one with me on my last trip and it was indispensable. Used it virtually every day.  My phone is my camera – all those photos and videos soon used up the battery. I made the mistake of packing this in my suitcase – it has to be taken on as hand luggage. Fun and games searching for it in my suitcase at check in.

5) Spare chargers

Yep – chargers – it’s so easy to lose one so tacking a few is a good idea. Can you imagine not being able to charge your phone? The pack below has normal size and longer ones. The extra long 9 ft chargers for iPhone ( yes I guess you have worked out i love my iPhone) are super handy. At airports where there are facilities for phone charging  – phones can be plugged in but the phone still with the person even if a short distance away. Consequently  great for security reasons. Also in many hotels I have stayed in the plugs are not always near the the bed – I personally like to have my phone charging overnight and as close to me as possible when I sleep when I’m travelling.


6) Apple Airpods

Number six in Techie gifts for travellers for 2018 is a little extravagant. The latest thing in earphones  – these blue tooth wireless earphones know when they are removed from the ear – how cool is that ? Great for plane journeys. Drown out sound for using with phone. Amazingly good sound.  Read the reviews – everyone loves them so a fabulous gift.


7) Portable speaker

Essential kit for travelling – a great gift for old and young – this lightweight portable bluetooth speaker – can be used with cable if preferred. There’s nothing like listening and sharing music with newly found friends abroad. Comes in a choice of colours.

8) Universal travel adapter with USB ports

Useful worldwide – this multitasker saves taking the plug section of the phone / tablet charger

9) Selfie Stick

Great for selfie photos and videos. Remember you will be looking at all these when your loved one comes home. They’ll look a lot nicer like this.



10) RFID blocking money belt

Help them stay safe on their travels with this RFID blocking money belt. Protects against theft from credit and debit cards on the move – even when out partying or in crowded urban environments. Thieves with hand held readers can steal money from contactless cards from nearby.  Not the best thing to happen to anyone at the best of times but would be particularly distressing away from home.

11) Skyroam 4G Mobile hotspot and power bank

Mobile 4G hotspot so never without wifi and also power bank combined. A very useful gadget for helping making sure your loved ones can stay in contact. Bright orange so easily found. Purchase unlimited day passes so you never pay for more than you need. Can be used for up to 5 devices. 16 hour battery life.




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